All Girls are Gorgeous in Hand-Woven Pure Cotton!
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Ayni’s Design started in 2008 and currently has 12 Employees. The sole purpose of the company is to introduce Ethiopian fashion to the Intentional world and start exporting the products to the international market. The primary mission of Ayni's design is to create job opportunities for women and developing their skills through various training’s.
With more than nine years of considerable experience in fashion design, Ayni focuses on traditionally hand made fabrics and outfits by integrating the cultural and contemporary fashion design styles.
Ayni’s design has been displayed and presented on some notable magazines, TV shows and Radio programs, such as Los Angeles Times, My Fashion Magazine, Fortune weekly newspaper, Maraki Magazine, Addis Zemen Newspaper Ethio Channel Newspaper, 120 TV show and FM 98.1 Radio program. In 2012.
Hilary Clinton has also invited Ayni, to participate AWEP (African women
entrepreneurship program) at the State of Department.
Recently added outlets are design and manufacturing of leather bags, hand­made accessories, home décor accessories and hand made Sandal leahter shoes.
Producing variety of products has helped Ayni’s Design to reach the needs of her customers.
“I put all my energy, passion and hard work in every thing I design. And won var­ious competitions. All the international opportunities that I was presented are evidences of what I can offer.”
“My greatest asset is my talent and creative designs and I am confident enough to present it anywhere in the world.”



To introduce Ethiopian Cultural Apparel and Jewelries to the world through designs that incorporate the latest fashion tends with the mix of Ethiopian tradition.



The company's vision is to have the capacity to create as much job opportunities for single mother's and women in despair so they will be able to support their family.