All Girls are Gorgeous in Hand-Woven Pure Cotton!
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Ayni's design is proud to present you the largest choice of Cultural Clothes, Leather Products and Jewelry products to buy online. Here you can find a great number of different goods; our collection includes products such as Ethiopian Cultural Dresses, Scarves for both men and women, Beautiful Blouses, Handbags, Wallets, Clutches, Earrings, Necklaces and so on.

Our store offers stylish, premium quality products at an affordable price; giving us a perfect reputation and great experience in this sphere and that is why our products are so popular and have many faithful fans all over the country. What we sell are not just simple dresses, handbags or scarves; the products of our shop are the part of a style because nowadays Ethiopia's Modern Traditional Clothing's are becoming an essential detail of the women's wardrobe. We know how important it is for the modern women to have several interesting and unique collections.


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Bronze Necklace
Golden Stone Necklace
Leather Bronze Necklace
Yellow Suede Leather Necklace
Blue Suede Leather Necklace
Leather with Nickel Necklace
Blue Suede Leather Necklace
Green Suede Leather Necklace
Purple Leather Necklace
Silver Leather Necklace
Golden Leather Necklace
Leather & Bronze Necklace
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